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DIVA.... When I think of DIVA, I think of a queen, princess, goddess or just one who thinks very highly of themselves, but that was because I was looking at DIVA through my natural eyes. Spiritually, I found out that a DIVA is more than the clothes and the jewelery that one wears, the house one lives in or the car one drives. When I look at the word DIVA, I thought about "Divine"......Emanating from God, of, relating to or proceeding directly from God,Supremely good or beautiful. A DIVA pertains to the God in you, the God in you makes you beautiful on the outside as well, you will sparkle with glow that emanates from you. Who Am I? I am a D.I.V.A.S..... A Divinely Inspirational Virtuously Anointed Sister, I have paid the price to earn this title, rather than being prideful, I was/am clothed in humility. You can't buy me, because I was already bought with a price. I am a woman of character and a woman of wisdom, I don't need to think highly of myself because others do it for me. I don't crave attention, it comes naturally and when others are drawn to me, it's an opportunity to minister to them, so as you can see my desire is to please God and Bless others.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just A Call Away!

Jeremiah 33:3 "Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

As I rose this morning giving God praise for another day, I began thinking about all that I had to accomplish today, the appointments that I had and needed to be to, as all of these things flooded my mind I softly spoke "Lord! what now". God gently whispered... "I'm Just A Call Away". Have you ever felt overwhelmed with everyday task, it seems like there is so much going on and yet we don't see how it's going to get done, seems like your in a dark tunnel without an end for light to shine in. Whenever you feel like your mind is clouded with the cares of this world and it seems like it's over taking you instead of you over taking it, STOP!!! and call Jesus, you don't have to pay for this call, it's free of charge, there's a list of number for every situation, make sure you dial the correct number for your specific need. I needed reassurance today, that everything was going to be alright, so I obey the voice of God, because he want to let me know how things were going to work out for my good. He's waiting to work it out for you, just give him a call.

When in Sorrow .......... John 14
When Worried ............ Matt. 6:19-34
In Danger .................... Psalm 91
Lonely & Fearful ......... Psalm 23
Depress ....................... Psalm 27
Discourage .................. Psalm 126

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