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DIVA.... When I think of DIVA, I think of a queen, princess, goddess or just one who thinks very highly of themselves, but that was because I was looking at DIVA through my natural eyes. Spiritually, I found out that a DIVA is more than the clothes and the jewelery that one wears, the house one lives in or the car one drives. When I look at the word DIVA, I thought about "Divine"......Emanating from God, of, relating to or proceeding directly from God,Supremely good or beautiful. A DIVA pertains to the God in you, the God in you makes you beautiful on the outside as well, you will sparkle with glow that emanates from you. Who Am I? I am a D.I.V.A.S..... A Divinely Inspirational Virtuously Anointed Sister, I have paid the price to earn this title, rather than being prideful, I was/am clothed in humility. You can't buy me, because I was already bought with a price. I am a woman of character and a woman of wisdom, I don't need to think highly of myself because others do it for me. I don't crave attention, it comes naturally and when others are drawn to me, it's an opportunity to minister to them, so as you can see my desire is to please God and Bless others.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't abort the Promise by birthing an Ishmael

Greetings followers, I've been out for a min, I had to prioritize somethings in my life. In the midst of it all I fell under an attack by the enemy, troubled on all sides with the enemy closing in, I felt like Jehoshaphat, desperate and utterly helpless and sometimes when things come up against you, you attempt to take matters into your own hand, instead of trusting God to work it out for you.  Unlike Jehoshaphat, my eyes were not upon thee, my eyes were seeing what they wanted to see thinking that what it saw was going to be the solution to the problem, not realizing that God only work according to his promise and he had made some promises to me that I almost aborted by giving birth to Ishmael. The Lord spoke to Abraham and told him that he would be the father of a nation, but Sarai his wife didn't wait on God's promise, she decided to take matters in her own hand and made a mess, she aborted the promise that God had made by giving her handmaiden to her husband, thinking that this would be the answer to her problem. Ishmael may have been Hagar's promise, but he wasn't Abrahan and Sarai's promise, so as I was going through I had to stop and think about the consequences of taking matters in my hands instead of waiting on God, what promise will I be aborting by doing such a thing? I remember how God told Jehoshaphat to stand still, sometimes standing still seems hard when you have so many things racing in your mind, but like Jehoshaphat, I was encouraged by God's word that he says "Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be establish; believe his prophets so shall ye prosper. The enemy Jehoshaphat faced was defeated, it took them three days to recover the riches (sounds like blessings to me). After three days of anguish and pain, I recovered and was blessed. I want to encourage you that whatever you maybe going through, stand STILL and allow God to work it out, standing still is the correct posture, what started out as a nightmare for Jehoshaphat was finished with rejoicing, we often try to be on top of things by trying to work it out ourselves, when we do this there's often nothing to rejoice over, today I command you to stand STILL and don't abort your promise...